Howto get online support

  • Howto get online support

    You are an i-MSCP customer

    Firstly, if you need online support, you must get in contact with an i-MSCP assistant (i-MSCP Team member), and describe your problem in few words. Once an assistant accepted to provide you online support, you must follow the instructions below.

    You must run a java client through your Web browser (Firefox recommended), which will allow your assistant to view your computer. In order you must:

    • Enter the following URI in your browser:
    • Choose the Show My PC Now option with the Give Full Control checkbox checked.
    • Send the password to your online assistant and wait for its connection.


    When you are asking for online support, it's recommended to open a new Firefox instance to run the java client as explained above. Also please, during the support session, try to close any other application. Don't forget to connect to your i-MSCP server using a client such as putty.

    You are the online assistant

    Same as above, you must run the java client under Firefox, using the same link. Once the client is loaded and once you get the password from the customer, you must choose the secondary option View Remote PC and enter the password given by the customer.

    ShowMyPC java client in few words

    ShowMyPC is a java client, which allows remote support. It avoid to install teamviewer on your desktop.

    i-MSCP team.


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