Install skype on Debian Squeeze AMD64

  • How to easy install skype on Debian Squeeze AMD64

    On the net, we can found several howto about skype installation on Debian Squeeze AMD64. Here I proposes a solution that allow to install skype without installing the i386 packaged version by forcing it via dpkg:

    I. Getting static skype version:

    1. Go to the /opt directory as root:

    1. # su# cd /opt

    2. Go to the skype site home page, create new account or connect you with your current skype login credentials, and then, download the static version of skype like this:

    1. # wget

    3. Extracting skype archive:

    1. # tar xjfv skype_static- mv skype_static- skype# cd skype

    II. Installing dependencies:

    1. Install all libraries required to emulate 32bit environment:

    1. # aptitude install ia32-libs ia32-libs-gtk lib32asound2 lib32gcc1 lib32ncurses5 lib32stdc++6 lib32z1 linux32

    # Todo libasound2-plugins / bluez-utils

    2. Fixing dependencies problems ( )

    a. Getting and installing libwrap0 library (i386 version):

    1. Get pool URI for libwrap0:

    1. # apt-cache policy libwrap0

    Result is like:

    2. Getting libwrap0 library path in pool:

    1. # apt-cache show libwrap0 |grep Filename:

    Result is like: Filename: pool/main/t/tcp-wrappers/libwrap0_7.6.q-19_amd64.deb

    3. Get i386 version of the libwrap0 library:

    1. # wget

    Note: The pattern is like this: {POOL_URI}/debian/{LIBRARY_PATH}

    4. Extracting the libwrap0 library in /opt/skype:

    1. dpkg-deb -X libwrap0_7.6.q-19_i386.deb /opt/skype

    a. Getting and installation of the libgdbm3 library (i386 version):

    Just repeat the same steps as for the libwrap0 library.

    III Configuration for shared libraries

    1. Creating a new file named skype.conf in /etc/ with the following content in it:

    1. /opt/skype/lib/opt/skype/usr/lib

    2. updating links:

    1. # ldconfig

    After, this, you can already run skype by executing the following command (as normal user) :

    1. $ sh /opt/skype

    Note: You can easily add a menu (On gnome, right click on Applications menu and select edit menu...)