Upgrade to i-MSCP and dovecot

  • I' running nightly packages and version in a few servers and i want to upgrade to last

    The point is: I have postfix with courer and I want switch to dovecot. I see that support dovecot now.

    So, how can I switch from courier to dovecot?

    Thx in advance.

  • I´m dont nothing about an automatic way to switch from courier to dovecot in the current Beta phase. Otherwise you must do it manually on your own.
    I´m sure there are some HowTo´s around.


  • Hello ;

    Normally, the migration is done automatically (we have a special script in for that). I'll try this night (courier to dovecot) and I'll report my feedbacks here.


  • IS done automatically. In worse case (migration fail), all mails will be marked as unread, but none should be lost.

  • Confirmed, migration is done automatically. But i have a few problem with dovecot. Iĺl open other thread to explain this problema. BTW, migration works fine.