unkown error under status while creating a new email...ireplaced courier with dovecot

  • hi
    im still in my baby stage learning period.
    i had everything working just fine until i read that dovecot is the king of hill.
    i did try the auto-installer d reconfigure (thanks for the help). it went through the process of reconfiguring but for some reason it not install dovecot.

    so, i installed dovecot myself and now i cannot delete users emails, create new ones or edit emails. (which is ok as the accounts are all test ones) however if i do, an error saying "unknown error" pops up under the "Status".

    so im now thinking that the imscp installation may have configured all the dovecot necessary conf files during its installation and because i installed dovecot myself the configurations would have been default by dovecot standards.

    so im kindly asking.
    can someone point me to the all the dovecot conf files that are reconfigured via imscp during its installation that i can see and make all the necessary changes in order for me to carry on please.

    my logs do look good

    sorry i know this was long winded i hope its understood

    thanks for your time :)

  • Hello ;

    • Re-run the imscp-autoinstall script to fix the Dovecot configuration issues (perl imscp-autoinstall --debug)
    • Change status of all mail items, which have status other than 'ok' to 'tochange' or 'todelete' depending of what you want achieve
    • Run the /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-rqst-mngr script
    • If this doesn't work, take a gun and place it on your head, then shoot


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