How to check ddos attack?

  • Can't I check the i-mscp to see if I get attacked or not?


    DDOS attack on which service? If you do not know where to look, how you can talk about DDOS attack???

    Without further information, we cannot make any assumption... We are not magicians...

    Look in:

    /var/log/syslog log
    /var/log/apache2/* logs

    Thank you for using i-MSCP


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  • This has nothing to do with i-MSCP. look in your logs ;)

    I think he's searching for a tool like:
    "Your mail-server has been dossed some weeks before."
    "Your httpd-server is target of a dossing attack."

    At the moment there's nothing like that and I think it is not important, because all admins should be able to read log-files. Maybe in distant future there will be a plugin for imscp or something like that.