Autoresponder not working after re-activation

  • Hello,

    If I create a fresh email account, activate the autoresponder, all good. If I deactivate it and activate it again, it's not answering anymore.

    Hopefully the comunity is still alive and can give me a suggestion on what could go wrong with this.


    OS: Ubuntu 18.04

    I-mscp: 1.5.3 build 2018120800

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  • Hey there :)

    I can confirm the behavior, but your statement isn't accurate I think :)

    Without getting too much into it, I think your issue reside in the fact that you reactivate it in the 24hrs "blackout time" following the previous automatic message.

    Every couple of sender/receiver is logged, and is, by default, kept for 24hrs (I think).
    So if you get the reply, disable then re-enable this feature : using the same sender will not get the new notification :)

    You can see those in the "autoreplies_log" table.

    If you delete the "couple" sender/receiver, you should get the notification again (once).

  • So, it's not a bug, it's a feature. I'm using i-mscp for many years and I'm still learning new stuff.

    Indeed, all good. Thanks for the info!

    PS: Happy to see someone alive around here who keeps the i-mscp spirit alive. :)

  • Even if this is quite "dead here", I'm still part of the moderation team here, and untill it's stated that this project is dead and the forum would be closed, I'll still sneak in to kick the spammers :D

    And as a bonus, if I can help the "few" last users still arround, I will :)

  • I really hope that it's not dead yet. It's a great pice of software, proof that the last version released was 6-7 years ago and it's still working, indeed on ancient OS. I would really like to see a maintainance version of the current 1.5.3 that would work on the latest version of Ubuntu or Debian. For the moment, at least me, I don't need anything else. :)