update ubuntu 18 to newer version with already installed i-mscp version?

  • Hi, i'am using still ubuntu 18 with i-mscp 1.5.3.

    is there any possibillity tu upgrade ubuntu that i can get php8 for my existing web pages that i can use php8?

    An other problem. my already purchased lets encrypt plugin doesen't work since several time. So i have to use manual letsencrypt is with certbot command in console. thats sometime failing upgrade because errors with deleted webs in i-mscp

    if there are no possibilities to solve the both problems, do we have a useful fac to migrate imscp hosted webs AND E-MAILS to another solution like ispconfig ? the sad thing ist, that before many years i switchd from ispconfig to i-mscp because ispconfig did support newer versions at this time... and now i-mscp did not support purchased product or any other things :(.

  • Unfortunately there is no migration script or instructions to migrate i-mscp to ispconfig. if you're looking for an open source panel, ispconfig seems to be the best at the moment.