PHP Switcher Version 5.0.5 Error 505 Bug after compiling new PHP Version

  • Hi,

    I use PHP Switcher Plugin 5.0.5. But yesterday after comepiling a new PHP Version 7.4 a lot of customer webs which are useing the Default Debian Stretch PHP Install (7.1) got a Error 505 Message. After switching the de Webhost to the new compiled one everything works again. But as far as i know i-mscp uses the system Default PHP in my case 7.1 and it i am glad everything runs fine.
    Is there a way that i can set 7.4 as default for all my new customers? Or did anyone had the same problem and got a fix for it?

    With kind regards, and stay healthy!

    I am Using:

    i-MSCP 1.5.3 Build: 2018120800

    PHP Swticher Version 5.0.5 (Build 2019102300)

    PHP Versions:
    7.1.27 (Standard) Verpackt /usr/bin/php-cgi7.1 /usr/sbin/php-fpm7.1 php7.1-fpm Ok n/a

    7.4.0RC4 Compiled /opt/phpswitcher/static/php7.4/bin/php-cgi /opt/phpswitcher/static/php7.4/sbin/psw7.4-fpm psw7.4-fpm Ok

    OS: Debian 4.9.144-3.1 (2019-02-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux

    i-MSCP 1.5.3

  • You don't need to compile PHP yourself.

    Use the binaries from sury.

    To change the default PHP version rerun the setup.

    Or try

    /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -r php