PHPSwitcher + LetsEncrypt - Static PHP Info (admin page) not working

  • Hey there,

    Prior opening an issue in the bug tracker, would like to see if other peoples get this problem first.

    To test this, your system must be up-to-date, running PHP Fcgi, having both LetsEncrypt and PHPSwitcher setup and running.

    Issue : When going to https://PanelURL/admin/phpswitcher

    If you want to look at a Static PHP Info file, you will get "An unexpected error occurred".

    You'll also receive this email:

    Somehow, it try to pass this to the LetsEncrypt plugin...

    If I disable LetsEncrypt, the Static PHP Info file is working again.

    Versions :

    Debian 9.12 up-to-date

    I–MSCP 1.5.3-2018120800

    LetsEncrypt : 3.5.0

    PHPSwitcher : 5.0.5

    PHP Fcgi

    If anyone can confirm (or not) this, I'll open a ticket in the bug tracker