Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa

  • We all have to face the fact that i-MSCP is quite dead & buried. There will be no rewrite/update/new version. I already switched most of my servers to KeyHelp, i suggest you all do the same.

    R.I.P. i-MSCP, you were great.


    Wow jackstone! I must thank you for that finding: KeyHelp (never found in all the web search I did about Hosting Panel software). I am testing it in a VM right now.

    I am in the same situation and I need to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 in our server, which hosts many tools I use to work with my Clients.

    I know is unfair to not help i-MSCP in the development process (with money or coding), but I don't have much time either.

    I live with the money just enough (and most of the times/months is not enough) so the priority as an independent freelancer is: I must continue with something else as Hosting Panel software and try to leave i-MSCP behind (maybe one day I can help with the development, as I am developer myself, but than can't be right now).

    Here in Argentina we are living in a complicated situation and I have to find everyday a way to make money, more and more these days.