Phpswitcher 5.0.5 Bug - Default php pool config and sockets gets deleted when creating a new customer

  • Hello,

    if I delete a customer the fpm/pool.d/customer.conf sill exist.

    The php-fpm does not find the user and refused to start. Independently of the PHP-Version.

    I've to delete them manually and restart the php-fpm.

    Is there a patch ?

    Thanks Olli

    Debian9, morricone, psw 5.05 packaged only.

  • yep, seems the /fpm/pool.d/customer.conf still exist in some cases when a customer account was deleted ...

    any idea how to fix that issue?

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  • could this be the same issue caused by an outdated remove() function?


    1.5.3-2018120800 - Can't locate object method "remove" via package "iMSCP::File" (iMSCP::Service core library) from 2018120800 still use the remove() function ....

    1. iMSCP::File->new( filename => $jobFilePath )->remove();
    2. should be:
    3. iMSCP::File->new( filename => $jobFilePath )->delFile();

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  • the part for removal of the fpm-customer.conf files seems to be missing when the account is completely deleted by an admin or reseller, it works only when a alias or subdomain are deleted from the clientarea. Maybe an extra listener file for admin /reseller user_delete actions could be added to solve this issue?

    1. sub _deleteObsoleteFpmConfig
    2. {
    3. ....
    4. my $rs = iMSCP::File->new( filename => $phpVersion->{'version_fpm_pool_directory_path'} . "/$moduleData->{'DOMAIN_NAME'}.conf" )->delFile();
    5. ....
    6. }

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  • for now I use monit to monitor the php services pid ... this needs to be adjusted depending use of packaged or compiled php version ... added to /etc/monit/monitrc