PhpSwitcher (5.0.0) Couldn't find PHP version for the XXXX domain

  • Yes, I have done it. I checked first the php-Versions. Every php-Version ist in 'ok' status.

    And so, if the status was not 'ok', it was? Without the status, we cannot say anything more ;)


  • Hello i had the same problem, same error message (Plugin::PhpSwitcher::_overrideHttpFpmServerSettings: Couldn't find PHP version for th..)

    Status before on all domains ok.

    It was a website with 2 subdomains and the whole domain had not used phpswitcher, only used the standard php Version of the imscp (5.6) system.

    i had also set in databasethe status entries to OK, and on the subdomains the tochange also to OK. (and now the websites works)

    i hope this will work if i update to php 7 on this domains.