Network connection lost during subdomain creation - I-MSCP stuck in process

  • After investigation, it appear that the problem is related to your docker daemon. Once the docker daemon is stopped, everything goes as expected with the control panel. I've no time to investigate further and this is not really i-MSCP related.

    Note that docker daemon is now stopped. You should fix the configuration. There is surely a clash somewhere..

    How did you find out that docker was the cause?

  • The problem appear clearly in systemd log:

    Specially that line:

    1. Sep 09 18:34:05 cloudserv111 dockerd[168039]: time="2019-09-09T18:34:05.776777889+02:00" level=warning msg="failed to create proxy for port 9876: listen tcp :9876: listen: address already in use"

    That port 9876 is the one used by the i-MSCP daemon ;) I don't really known what your docker is trying to do with that port (proxy ???) but... At least, you have a road for investigating now ;);)


  • Apologies for that. Now that I know the port :-):

    It has been an issue with Portainer which has been victim of an attack on a specific port and they changed their proxy port to a new one to stop the attacks. That happened 3 days ago. A restart of the swarm updated the docker file and there was port 9876.

    I would have never found the reason for that error! Thanks!

    I was setting up Kibana today to get a better look on my logs, that was clearly a chicken and egg problem :P

  • You're welcome. Please mark the thread as solved ;)