i-MSCP - 1.5.3 - Debugger

  • Hi all,

    I faced this issue, after I upgraded my i-MSCP to the latest 1.5.3 when I wanted to click to Debugger.

    Would you please help me? Thank you in advance.

    An unexpected error occurred

    1. An exception has been thrown in file /var/www/imscp/gui/library/iMSCP/Config/Handler.php at line 84:
    2. Configuration variable `ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS` is missing.
  • Good morning,

    Please, show us the result of the following command on your system: grep -nr 'ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS' /var/www/imscp/gui/


  • Dear Nuxwin,

    Thank you, disabled Plugin RemoteBridge and now the Debugger run success. It was my fault.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. root@mail:~# grep -nr 'ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS' /var/www/imscp/gui/
    2. /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/RemoteBridge/public/remotebridge.php:1414: if ($stmt->fields['domain_status'] == $cfg->ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS) {
    3. /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/RemoteBridge/RemoteBridge.php:171: $cfg['ITEM_OK_STATUS'], $cfg['ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS'], $cfg['ITEM_TOADD_STATUS'],
    4. /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/RemoteBridge/RemoteBridge.php:216: $cfg['ITEM_DISABLED_STATUS'], $cfg['ITEM_TOADD_STATUS'], $cfg['ITEM_TOCHANGE_STATUS'],
    5. root@mail:~#
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    Added the Label not a bug
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