Cannot bind correct certificate to email

  • HELP :-( what am I doing wrong? I setup two domains under imscp include ftp and email. I have also installed Letsencrypt. Everything runs under https and works so far. All certificates are created.


    Domain 1 > > is also used for imscp Control Panel (

    Domain 2 > > email

    Problem! If I try to set up the email address on my Mac via IMAP, I always get the message "wrong certificate" and I just get the certificate from (imscp).

    Where is my error?

    Thank you

  • Good evening,

    As explained several time already on our forums, there is no support for usage of different SSL certificates. Thus, you need to setup your mail client (SMTP, IMAP/POP servers) using always the same hostname, that is, your server hostname. Of course, you need enable SSL for the i-MSCP services (ftp, smtp, imap/pop) as well. This can be done using the LetsEncrypt plugin at the admin level.

    For more details please search on our forums.


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