Spamassassin not moving Spam to Junk even if flagged

  • Here's my config.php

    To remove any errors:

    managesieve.sieve location:

    perl script location:

    and script contains:
    my $managesieve_file ='./managesieve.sieve';


    I forgot to place sieve as a lda plugin. Hopefully it works now. Let's wait and see if the spam is still in my inbox and not moved to spam folder

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  • Kazuto

    1. 'managesieve_plugin' => 'no',

    you have to set this to "yes". After the change go in the plugin section of the panel and press the button "Update plugins" (lower right corner).

    Now managesieve should work!

  • It finally works. Thank you so much guys.

    For anyone who's curious why my panel looks different on the screenshot: I'm currently working on a visual rework. Approximately 1/3 is done ;D