PHP Switcher links to outdated library

  • The latest PHP Switchre plug-in has a dependency between libgd-dev and libgd2-xpm-dev that cannot be resolved in jessie. It leads to an error while compiling PHP versions.

    This package should and can be safely removed in Debian jessie (transitional package) and strech (virtual package).

  • Starlight

    This bug has been already reported few days ago ;)

    See PhpSwitcher plugin (4.0.3) - Build dependency problem on Debian Jessie

    The compiler will be wiped out in next version. The PhpSwitcher plugin will make use of our own PHP packages. Those will be available through

    The reasons behind this decision

    • It is more easy for us to provide packaged versions than maintaining our own compiler leading to problem such as the one you reported.
    • It is more easy for end-users to update their PHP versions through APT than recompiling them each time a new PHP version (or PhpSwitcher plugin) is released.
    • It is more easy for us to provide additional extension (PECL)
    • ...

    Regarding our PHP packages

    Our PHP packages will follow Ondřej Surý packaging. We have been "educated" by Ondřej Surý whos is the official Debian/Ubuntu maintainer for PHP packages.

    We will take relay for EOL PHP versions (such as PHP 5.6) when Ondřej Surý will drop them from his repository.


  • PHP Packages for EOL php version php5.3 , 5.4, 5.5 will be soon available ;)