Greylist delay problem

  • Hi,

    a have Postgrey service installed (version: 1.3.0 (Build 2018032000)) on my I-MSCP server. I have more than 200 email users under several domains.

    So I need this service, but in the days the customers realized that so many email delayed more than 10 hours and in some cases the mails arrive twice.

    How can I check that this service working properly?

    What config steps do I need to check?

    Thank you!

  • Thank you.

    I collected from my mail log one of the problematic sender log entries.
    They use Microsoft Outlook mail service for own mail server.

    I tried to hide the original domain names and sender / receiver addresses but hopefully it is still readable.

    I attached the part of the log.

    Thank you.


  • It seems that Microsoft is always using a new IP address, so mails won't pass greylisting. You have to whitelist Microsoft IPs.

    Thank you!

    Can I whitelist the whole domain in whitelist like this: * ?

    Or I have to collect all Microsoft's ip addresses and whitelist each ip?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    The problem is, MS sender server changed permanent. Postgrey say stop to a sending mailserver, please come back later. Normal is that the sender comes back. MS server do not do that. I had the same problem. With a postgrey_whitelist_clients file i've solved that.

    1. # Do NOT greylist MX servers (see dig in mx
    2. /^mx[1-4]\.hotmail\.com$/
    3. # Do NOT greylist ANY host from or
    4. #hotmail
    5. /^.*\.hotmail\.com$/
    6. #outlook
    7. /^.*\.outlook\.com$/

    Hope it helps

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