i-MSCP time schedule for next three months

  • Dear community,

    For the next three months, our time schedule is as follows:

    • Development of new i-MSCP frontend for next i-MSCP Serie
    • i-MSCP 1.5.4 (maintenance release)
    • i-MSCP LetsEncrypt plugin v3.4.0 (small enhancement and bugfixes. Note that support for wildcard SSL certificates is planned for version 4.0.0) DONE on 2018.06.05
    • i-MSCP PhpSwitcher plugin v5.0.0 (bugfixes, support for PHP versions as provided by distribution or Ondřej Surý repositories).
    • i-MSCP free plugins: New versions for plugins that require bugfixes
    • Update of our site to latest version of Woltab Suite DONE on 2018.06.04

    In addition, we need provide daily support for our customers and partners and answer the forums as well.

    Thank you for your understanding.