Group-Office as Webmail for 1.6?

  • Hi @fulltilt

    interesting Application and good to have a community version of this opensource solution. In coming version (full rewrite!) it wants to be responsive. Roadmap for 2018 tells us improvements on version 6.x.

    Well, there are a lot of good webbased applications out there. Because its focus on security, privacy and federation I prefer nextcloud with may be far more options and features. But you are talking of an integration into i-mscp. Currently we have rainloop and roundcube as webmail solutions. Both with their advantages, well tested and sufficient as a fallback, if imap for any reasons fails.

    The developers team of i-mscp is very small. So I would be glad, if they can concentrate on the core of i-mscp. Lets have reliable and responsive software here. Or have an upgrade feature from within. Or present more system information. Anything else related to webadministration. Oh, yes, the multiserver thing :-)

    My suggestion for us as a community would be to fill a table telling us s. th. about the compatibility of these versions. Say Group-Office v6.3 is running on i-mscp 1.5.x without problems or some small tweaks or needs certain plugins.

    What do you think?

    Currently not using i-MSCP.