Cannot create self-signed certificate for subdomain

  • I migrated my installation from Jessie (8.1) to Stretch (9.4; another machine), and everything seems to work fine, except for one thing:

    When i try to create a self-signed certificate for a subdomain, it is rejected with an error and i receive an error mail:

    1. Version: 1.5.1
    2. Build: 20170908
    3. Nachrichtenpriorität : Error
    4. ==========================================================================
    5. [] Could not write in
    6. /var/www/imscp/gui/data/tmp/13-openssl.cnf0re5bK openssl temporary
    7. configuration file.
    8. ==========================================================================

    The mentioned folder has the same permission as on the old machine.

    Any advice to address this problem?

  • This is a bug in version 1.5.1 which has been already fixed in the 1.6.x branch. I'll backport the fix soon in the @konzeptplus branch.