OpenDKIM plugin v2.0.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    A new version of the OpenDKIM plugin has been released.

    This new version comes with major improvements and several bugfixes.


    • Added `opendkim_dns_records_ttl' parameter -- Allows to setup DKIM DNS resource records TTL
    • Added: `opendkim_adsp_extension' parameter -- Allows to enable/disable DKIM ADSP extension
    • Added: `opendkim_adsp_signing_practice' parameter -- Allows to setup ADSP signing practice
    • Added: `opendkim_confdir' parameter -- Path to OpenDKIM configuration directory
    • Added: `opendkim_group' parameter -- OpenDKIM unix group
    • Added: `opendkim_keysize' parameter -- Allows to setup keys size
    • Added: `opendkim_user' parameter -- OpenDKIM unix user
    • Added: `opendkim_rundir' parameter -- OpenDKIM rundir
    • Added: `postfix_rundir' parameter -- Postfix rundir
    • Added: OpenDKIM systemd override.conf file for Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial Xerus
    • Added: `plugin_working_level' parameter -- Allows to setup the plugin working level (See the file)
    • Added: Support for DKIM ADSP (Author Domain Signing Practices) extension (See the file)
    • Enhancement: Added button for easy copy of DKIM keys in clipboard (client UI level).
    • Enhancement: Added support for subdomains (signer for subdomains is parent domain)
    • Enhancement: Make it possible to turn off the verifier mode (needed when used in conjunction with SpamAssassin/DKIM)
    • Enhancement: Make resellers able to trigger DKIM keys renewal for a specific customer (reseller UI level)
    • Fixed: Couldn't start OpenDKIM service under Debian 9/Stretch
    • Fixed: Make sure that missing OpenDKIM entries are added when the plugin get re-activated
    • Fixed: Postfix user can't access OpenDKIM socket after system reboot
    • Fixed: Reload OpenDKIM service once per process and only when necessary
    • Fixed: service status command for OpenDKIM under Ubuntu 14.04/Trusty thar always return 0. PID pattern must be set
    • Fixed: Store TXT-DATA as a single <character-string> (i-MSCP versions lt 1.5.0)
    • Fixed: Store TXT-DATA as multiple <character-string>s (i-MSCP versions ge 1.5.0)
    • Fixed: TXT-DATA is truncated due to wrong mail.txt file parsing
    • Renamed: `OpenDKIM_Socket plugin configuration parameter to `opendkim_socket'
    • Renamed: `PostfixMilterSocket' plugin configuration parameter to `postfix_milter_socket'
    • Review: Add the "DKIM-Filter" header field in signed messages
    • Review: Enable and start OpenDKIM service on plugin activation
    • Review: Enforce rsa-sha256 algorithm for mail signing
    • Review: Enforce safe keys -- Key files with wrong permissions will raise an error
    • Review: Make use of a simple file for signing table instead of regular expression file (refile)
    • Review: Moved: DKIM interface to mail section (client UI level)
    • Review: OpenDKIM pidfile and socket are now created with permissions 0660
    • Review: OpenDKIM rundir is no longer world-readable
    • Review: Postfix user is now added into OpenDKIM group (Make Postfix user able to access to the OpenDKIM UDS)
    • Review: Review: Show DKIM DNS record rdata through tooltips and allow to copy them in clipboard
    • Review: Stop and disable OpenDKIM service on plugin deactivation
    • Review: Uninstall OpenDKIM distribution package on plugin uninstallation
    • Updated: Translation files


    • New features or minor changes/bugfixes
    • Changes that can affect 3rd-party components (plugins, listener files...)
    • Major changes or important bugfixes

    Documentation available at:
    Update information available at:…KIM/

    Note to people that use i-MSCP version 1.4.7: Du to a bug in the i-MSCP 1.4.7 version, The old Postfix MILTER parameters won't be removed while plugin update, making postfix unable to connect to OpenDKIM socket. You should really considere to update to latest i-MSCP stable version prior updating to this new version.

    A workaround for i-MSCP 1.4.7 is to do a full reconfiguration just after updating the plugin: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv


    Thank you for using this plugin.