CronJobs plugin - Couldn't activate

  • Hi all,

    I've some problems to activate the CronJob Plugin

    Activating says: Unknow error
    Uninstall is not possible
    Reinstall is not possible

    1. logfile: [fatal] iMSCP::DbTasksProcessor::_process: Unknown error
    2. at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line
    3. 451.

    Can someone help me with that?

    System: Debian
    IMSCP: 1.4.6
    InstanSSH and LetsEncrypt is installed in last version.



  • @andreas-stoltze

    I cannot reproduce.

    • I've installed InstantSSH plugin
    • I've intalled CronJobs plugin

    Result: No error.

    Best would be to give us access to your server (root access) and control panel (admin).


  • @andreas-stoltze

    Problem fixed. This was due to a network issue while installing composer from the jail (IPv6 was preferred, leading to the issue). I've modified the system /etc/gai.conf configuration file to prefer IPv4 and I've added that file to the list of files that must be copied inside the jail. Then, the problem has been solved. I'll integrate that fix in next InstantSSH and Cronjobs plugin versions and in i-MSCP core too.

    To resume, the error was:

    For the other error about lock file, this is due to the fact that the jail builder make a FORK(3am) call. I'll fix that problem in core too my checking the PID.