The PanelRedirect plugin will be soon abandoned and therefore, no longer maintained.

  • Dear community,

    For reminder, the PanelRedirect plugin allows access to the control panel through standard HTTP ports (80, 443) instead of specific HTTP ports (8880, 8443).

    This plugin is a bit of useless with latest i-MSCP Serie because it is possible to achieve the same thing using the core features:

    • Adding the control panel domain as client domain or subdomain
    • Enabling the redirect feature as follow:
      • URL forwarding: Yes
      • Forward to URL: http://<panel.domain.tld>:8880 or https://<panel.domain.tld>:8443 if SSL is enabled for the control panel
      • Forward type: PROXY

    Note that you need at least i-MSCP 1.4.4 version in which a bug regarding the redirect feature has been fixed.

    Thank for your understanding.


  • Right now, it is not possible to add BASE_SERVER_VHOST (panel hostname) as customer domain.
    See Cannot add BASE_SERVER_VHOST as customer domain

    This will be fixed in 1.4.7.
    Thank to @UncleJ for the report.