i-MSCP with a Scaleway (cloud computing service) server

  • Scaleway servers networking configuration is a bit unconfortable.

    • A server has a private IP which is dynamic
    • A server can have a reserved public IP (NAT)

    For i-MSCP, such setup means:

    • You cannot use the private IP address (The IP can changes after server restart)
    • You cannot configure the public IP address statically in the /etc/network/interfaces file

    Thus here, you are facing a real problem because i-MSCP requires an IP address.

    This problem will be solved in i-MSCP 1.4.4 which will allows usage of the INADDR_ANY IP address ( As reminder the INADDR_ANY IP address means for servers: listen to all interfaces.

    With i-MSCP 1.4.4 you'll have in order to

    • select the None option when asked for the primary IP
    • validate your public IP address

    That's all what you will have to do. Note that you must not try to configure your public IP statically. Default dhcp configuration is corrects and shouldn't be changed.


  • @theemstra

    IP will be showed as follow in admin interface:



  • @theemstra

    Following our discussion on IRC, I've made the following changes:

    • The option for the primary IP in installer has been changed by None with a little note about it.
    • The IP will be mapped to the Any translation string in the FrontEnd, whatever the user level
    • The IP will be mapped to * in the Apache2 and Nginx vhost files

    Installer dialog for server primary IP will looks as follow: