Announcing the listener file

  • Dear community,

    We are pleasure to announce the immediate availability of a new listener file that allows storage of customer backup directories elsewhere on the file system. This listener has been requested by @freedom which wanted to store the customer backup directories outside of the default location due to space issues.


    • A new root path for customer backup directories is created according your setup, for instance: /srv/imscp/backups
    • If any, the data from default customer backup directories are moved in the new location, for instance: /srv/imscp/backups/<customer>. Once done the default backup directories are cleared.
    • New customer backup directories are mounted on top of the default backup directories. Thus, customers can still access their backups through FTP

    Howto setup the listener file

    • Upload that listener file into the /etc/imscp/listeners.d directory
    • Edit the /etc/imscp/listeners.d/ file and set the $STORAGE_ROOT_PATH variable according your needs
    • Trigger an i-MSCP reconfiguration: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv

    Thank you for using i-MSCP.