fastest way to reload listener

  • Hi,

    if I changed / got a new listener, what's the fastest way to enable it? I read to run "imscp-autoinstall -d", but is there some other way that only affects the listeners and not the whole installation? (e.g. Overwrites dovecot and postfix conf files like in an update, etc.)


  • For listener files that don't listen on events triggered during build step (autoinstaller), you need always execute: perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -dnv. Unless otherwise stated in the listener file, this is the common case.

    For listener files that listen on events triggered during the build step (autoinstaller), you need execute: perl imscp-autoinstall -dnv

    So, no, there is no way to tell the imscp-autoinstaller or imscp-reconfigure scripts to act only for a specific layer. The main reason is that i-MSCP is events based, and that with the current design, it would be really difficult to known in advance which part must be reconfigured.

    A module A can listens on events triggered by a module B and vice-versa. A listener can listens on an event triggered by a module B while a module A can listen on an event that is triggered by module B. This explain why on reconfiguration, the whole is reconfigured to ensure that all events are triggered. This is by design and we will address that issue in v2.0.0.