Update i-MSCP Nightly to Nightly

  • Nightly update procedure is now simplified :p

  • I tried the script and i had two problem:

    1, The /tmp usually mounted with noexec parameter because security reason so i suggest to change the nightly svn export path because the imscp-build couldn't exec.
    2, imscp-build doesn't exist

    OS: Debian Buster

    i-MSCP: GIT 1.5.3-maintenance branch

  • Simplified again. No more export needed. Just download trunk, and run imscp-autoinstaller. You will get 2 warnings regarding .svn folders, but you can ignore (as warning message will say).

  • thanks a lot, i will try tonight :)[hr]
    I think that you forgot a row:

    aptitude install $(cat ./docs/Debian/debian-packages-`lsb_release -cs`)

    and maybe must stop the daemon, but i found this in the autoinstall-method.pl so maybe this isn't important

    OS: Debian Buster

    i-MSCP: GIT 1.5.3-maintenance branch

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  • No i did not forgot aptitude part nor daemon stopping ;) (Not needed anymore). Test and you will see.
    I must warn you that running directly on trunk will double time amount used to setup (because of .svn folders).

  • I re-added export. Idea was that is no longer required to export from repository (you can checkout then directly start installer). Installer take care of .svn folders (preventing old errors related to that).

  • i upgraded with this script and it works perfectly.

    Thanks :)

    I have a suggestion: The upgrade script ask information from me instead of reading the imscp.conf. Maybe the reading the values from imscp.conf is more secure than ask the user ;)

    OS: Debian Buster

    i-MSCP: GIT 1.5.3-maintenance branch

  • Information are asked just in case of recovery. You was asked for vftp user because I changed the way password are stored and was needed to recover password.