How to create a ticket on our bug tracker

  • How to create a ticket on our bug tracker

    Since many months, I see some tickets that are not understandable. I would so give you a little example of one ticket but first, I must recall you some rules (or good practices for those that don't like the 'rules' term ;)) that must be followed on our bug tracker when you want report any problem:

    • When you create a ticket, you must choose a good title. Titles such as "error during setup" without any other information is irrelevant for us and will be rejected without any further investigation from our side.
    • You must set the i-MSCP version you are currently using.
    • You must provide us information about your distribution, its codename and also the PHP version you are using if you encountered a bug related to PHP. Also, you must provide information about Apache module you are using (itk, fcgi..). Same thing for the imap/pop server (courier, dovecot).
    • You must provide a good description of the problem and also a procedure to make us able to reproduce it without lost time.
    • If you have already a fix, you must add a section called "Fix proposal" in your ticket or provide us a patch as attachment.
    • You must write your ticket only in English (Understandable English). A ticket with a title and only a link to a thread on our forum will be rejected without more investigation. Also, it's useless to make links to threads other than those written in English.
    • You must enclose any pasted text such as errors into bracket pairs such as {{{ <PASTED TEXT> }}}


    Ticket sample:

    The title:

    Bug - Unable to delete domain aliases when using shared mount point and HTTP redirection

    The body:

    In some contexts (eg, when using a shared mount point and when the HTTP redirection is enabled), it's not possible to delete a domain alias.

    How to reproduce

    1. Create account
    2. Create domain alias with mount point set to /xx/aa and HTTP redirection enabled
    3. Create domain alias with mount point set to /xx/aa and HTTP redirection enabled
    4. Create domain alias with mount point set to /xx/aa and HTTP redirection enabled

    Then, if now we try to delete one of those domain aliases, we are getting an error such as:

    1. cp cannot evaluate directory...

    The bug occurs because when we are using HTTP redirection, the mount point is not created and so, the cp command cannot evaluate an inexistent directory.

    Fixes proposal

    1. On backend side

    When deleting a domain alias, we must ensure the shared mount point exist before trying to save its content.

    2. On gui side

    If HTTP redirection is enabled, the mount point seems to be unneeded and the input field to define it should be hidden in the GUI to avoid such inconsistency. Of course, we must allow to edit the mount point when we are editing the domain alias and when the HTTP redirection of it is disabled.

    Note: This bug surely occurs with subdomains created in same way. Must be confirmed.

    Additional info:
    Distribution: Debian Squeeze
    PHP: 5.3


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