Missing domain alias order mail

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    after upgrading a webserver from 1.2.9 to 1.3.16 the reseller does not get a mail when a customer orders a new domain alias. The mail.log stays completely quiet and all the mail addresses in i-MSCP are correctly configured. Is this a known issue? I have searched in the release notes and also looked through the settings in i-MSCP, but I cannot find something related.

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  • @PHP-Friends

    I cannot confirm the problem with the 1.4.x branch. Please, when you're ordering the domain alias, be sure to login as customer. If you simply switch to customer account when you're loggued as administrator or reseller, the mail is not sent because the domain alias is created directly (no order is placed).

    BTW: I've only found a small issue regarding a template variable that is not replaced in the mail that is sent when a order for a domain alias is being placed. That will be fixed in next release.

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