--reconfigure ips option missing in 1.3.x installer - replacement?

  • Hi,

    I'm currently in the process of moving my i-MSCP installation to a new hoster, so I need to remove the old server's IPs from the database and/or config files and add the new IPs instead.

    in the 1.2.x branch of i-MSCP, this was possible using the installer's --reconfigure ips parameter. In 1.2.x, I was able to set a new primary IP, add the new IPs to the database and remove the old IPs, while selecting replacements for each of the old IPs separately. This was very convenient, since I didn't need to do any manual changes after that installer run completed.

    In the 1.3.x branch, that option seems to be missing. I only have the option to run the installer with --reconfigure primary_ip to set a new primary IP. to replace the old server's IPs in my config with the new ones, it seems I need to do all the following steps manually:

    • Add the new IPs in IP manager
    • Edit all resellers to add the new IPs to them.
    • Edit all customer domains to change their IP assignment to the new IP.
    • Edit all resellers again to remove the old IPs from them.
    • Remove the old IPs from IP manager.

    Compared to the much easier process with the installer in the 1.2.x branch, this seems like a massive step back. Did I miss something? Is there a new way to accomplish this in an automated way, like in the 1.2.x branch?


  • @tobiasgies

    You're right. See https://github.com/i-MSCP/imsc…1.3.x_errata.md#installer

    To resume, you can now only reconfigure the primary IP through the installer --reconfigure primary_ip, while for any other IP (additional IPs), you must process as you have done through the frontEnd.

    The old way was done with some of black magic, and this was too error prone. I'll try to reintroduce that feature in a later release with more thinking. ;)