Question for disk-quotas. Potential bug ?

  • Hi,

    I searched for this behaviour already and could not find anything in forum or bugtracker. I hope i didn't miss something here.

    On all of our servers, the imscp-dsk-quota counts the files in the webdir by du [...] --exclude=logs/*.log', (Line 88),

    Since all the Logfiles are stored in /logs/domain/*.log this doesn't seem to match and the logfile size ends up being used in the quota.
    Shoudn't it be something like --exclude=logs/*


    /var/www/mytestsite.tld# du -h --exclude=logs/*.log

    /var/www/mytestsite.tld# du -h --exclude=logs/*

    The actual Size of the htdocs is 12MB, so that's correct. Am i missing something or could this be a bug ?

    Best regards


    I-MSCP 1.3.9 on Debian Linux 8

  • @Koren

    Surely a bug. In older i-MSCP versions, logfiles were copied regularly but now, they're simply bind mounted.
    Could you create an issue here: