Installer closed after creating IMSCP SQL Users | Installation beendet nach Erstellen des IMSCP SQL Users

  • After the cancelled Installation i get:

    An unexpected error occurred

    An unexpected error occurred. Please contact your administrator.

    Apache works like before.
    I tried Install and Build.
    Only with downgrade to 1.2.17 it works.

    Help me please.


    Nach der abgebrochenen Installation kommt nur diese eine Fehlermeldung welche im englischen Text ist, Apache etc. geht wie davor, mit einem Downgrade funktioniert wieder alles.

    Hilfe! =O

  • You must never downgrade.... Give us access to your server.


  • If we ask access to your server, that is because we 're unable to reproduce the problem. That problem seem to affect many users but not us... Whatever ;)


  • I'm already in support. I'll treat requests for support each after other.

    Sorry ;)


  • @Lukas Yoa

    Edit your /etc/imscp.conf file and /etc/imscp.old.conf file. In both, disable SSL for the panel and service (change values from yes to no). Once done, rerun installer perl imscp-autoinstall -d. Then, when the update is done, rerun the installer to reconfigure SSL: perl imscp-autoinstall -dasr ssl

    It seem that there is a problem with SSL on update. I'll figure out why and fix for next release.