Need to be able to create "_dmarc" DNS resource records

  • Hi.

    Is it possible you can find some time to adjust the expression check code to allow the underscore _ in creating a TXT DNS resource record, so that a "_dmarc" resource record can be added to a domain name and go along with proper spf and dkim checking?

    Your dkim plugin creates one similar called mail._domainkey, so why not alter the code regex character check to not allow funny chars unless matches '_dmarc' or regular characters.

    I AND my clients need it for reasons including abilities to track phishing and spam, as well as ability to allow a sender to indicate that their emails are protected by SPF And/Or DKIM implemented on the servers, more as well as making it More Probable, no email is delivered to SPAM boxes instead of Inbox es when it is Legitimate Email.

    Checking the below link, errors with message;
    DMARC record published in the wrong place!
    If you're the owner of this domain, your DMARC record needs to
    discoverable at, and not at The
    "_dmarc." part is required!

  • @CyberMaster

    Will be fixed in 1.2.18. Changelog for custom DNS resource records will be as follow:

    • Added: SPF custom DNS resource record type (validated as a TXT record)
    • Fixed: Cannot add DKIM/DMARC DNS resource records
    • Fixed: Customer must be allowed to specify custom TTL value for any DNS resource record
    • Fixed: Customer must be allowed to specify name field of any custom DNS resource record
    • IP-1231 Default SPF DNS resource records should be overrideable

    Errata will be as follow:…md#custom-spf-dns-records

    This explain the delay of the 1.2.18 version which will be released this evening if all goes fine.


  • A little overview of the coming changes:



  • Resulting zone file:

    That is just a sample ;)


  • Fixes available in 1.2.x branch. Will be available in version 1.2.18.


  • Liking it! :-)

    You must really bust your butt making this software GREAT! :-)

    THANKS Very Much! :-)