Going to i-MSCP v2.0.0

  • Going to i-MSCP v2.0.0

    Some here could ask why there is no new release since July... Well, I'll try to explain the reasons:

    First of all: It was decided to remove the software installer which was poorly written (too hard to maintain, not well isolated). As replacement, we decided to implement APS standard.

    My choice on the APS Standard implementation details (with the thinking of the v2.0.0 version) has involved several changes in the application core such as the integration of the Doctrine ORM which will be used in version 2.0.0 for the data persistence layer, and the usage of AngularJS (API-centric application in mind).

    To go a step further, I've decided to remove the ZF1 library in favor of ZF2. Doing this involved a lot of rewrite (Service manager integration, service factories...), including update of all components having dependencies on ZF1 library. At this moment, I'm still at this step.

    Another point was the possibility to rely on external libraries without having them in our project directory (ZF2, phpseclib..). This was possible using composer. Right now, external libraries which are required by i-MSCP will be installed during i-MSCP setup as it is already done for the 3rdy party softwares such as PhpMyAdmin, Pydio...

    i-MSCP is being rewritten (step by step). In branch 1.3.x, I focused on preparing the ground with the v2.0.0 in mind. Of course, the v2.0.0 version is not here yet but all the work made here is a step further over it.

    For those waiting for the 1.3.0 version, it is planned to release it at end of december if all goes well.


  • 1.3.0 Release postponed to end of January.

    Had an hard time with the new authentication layer.