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    I have created a ticket for this issue, please add info if it's needed:

    Re ;

    Fixed in but I must now fix two other issues related with the orders.

    1. Template for activation confirmation is broken
    2. If order is not confirmed by customer via email, the order is still viewable. The order must be viewable only if the customer confirm it.

    Hello community ;

    Some words about localization

    Planned for beta 4 and already in trunk, Machine object files (GNU gettext) are now used in replacement of the database tables for translation storage.

    This greatly improves overall performances because the database is no longer involved. Before, we had a database table for each language, where each column contained a translated string. This means that for every of translation string, we had to do a SQL query. The calculation is quick simple here. For each page, we had about 50 SQL queries to be performed only for the translation.

    I. How to help us to translate i-MSCP

    To make the translation easier, we are using the translation service provided by Transifex that provides a set of Web-based tools to translate the softwares.

    If you want contribute to the translation, you only have to be registered on Transifex to begin to make the translation.

    Transifex provides documentation that explains to new users how to translate. For this reason, no further explanation is made here. The only important thing that you must take into consideration is that i-MSCP uses only UTF-8 as encoding for translation files. That means that if you want translate with your editor (such as Poedit) and do not use the Web-based interface provided by Transifex, you must use this encoding.

    This last statement is also valid when you want install the locale on your server. For example, if you want install the locale es_ES for i-MSCP and also install it on your server, you must select the UTF-8 version of it. With Debian, that can easily achieved through 'dpkg-reconfigure locales' as the root user.

    II. i-MSCP Frontend (GUI) - internal localization management

    i-MSCP manages the locales in different ways, depending whether the locales are installed or not on the system.

    Example for one locale:

    1. The locale is installed on the server

    In this case, the iMSCP frontend is able to use native PHP gettext functions. The performances are greatly improved because the Machine object files (MO files) are read once per process.

    However, a workaround is in place here to be able to update any translation file through the GUI without having to reload the Web server since the files are cached in memory. When native PHP gettext functions are used, i-MSCP creates a specific production file with an unique gettext domain name based on the modification filetime of the upstream file and load it instead. When the upstream Machine file is updated by admin, the GUI detects the change and then, creates another production file which is used in replacement of the previous.

    You must note that natives PHP gettext functions are used only if the locale being used is also installed on the server.

    2. The locale is not installed on the server

    Unfortunately, native PHP gettext functions can not be used if the locale being used is not installed on the server. In this case, a specific library (PHP-gettext) that provide similar set of functions to simulate localization is used. This is slower since the parser is implemented in PHP and not in C, and also because the files (translation tables) are not cached in memory. In this situation, the admin is warned by email.

    i-MSCP Team

    Hello ;

    - (-1) for backup advanced interface since it's pure administration task. Several backend are available, and I think that must be set by administrator only.

    - quota support is in our head.

    - Php configuration GUI interface (see my previous answer).
    - API (We have already an event system in the box (Will be improved ASAP). Billing system is pain of ass to implement since we must have some knowledge in accountancy (My wife can maybe help us on this...)

    - Cron task (see my previous answer).

    Dear users ;

    Since our first beta version of i-MSCP, we have done a lot of work. We still awaiting about your requests for any improvement and new features that you want see in the next releases. For now, our plan is as follow:

    Plan for i-MSCP (Public Release)

    • Debug Bar - (Development helper) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • Dovecot support - Planned for Beta 4
    • Events system (King of plugins/Hooks system) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • Ftp files manager on-click-Logon - Introduced in Beta 1
    • i18n - Install/Update languages from a remote server - Planned for Beta 5
    • i18n - Switch to gettext (Machine Object Files) - Planned for beta 4
    • Software Installer - Introduced in Beta 1
    • SSL for customers - Planned for Beta 5|6
    • SSL support for master vhost, postfix, imap/pop and proftpd - Introduced in Beta 3
    • Switch from MyISAM to InnoDB engine (Database) - Done in Beta 1
    • Theme color chooser - Planned for beta 5
    • Usage of external mail server(s) - Planned for beta 6|7
    • Migration script from ispCP > 1.0.7 to i-MSCP - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New i-MSCP tree builder (Dialog based) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New setup/update script (Dialog based) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New XHTML theme - Introduced in Beta 1

    Of course, you can force us to change our plan if you want see some features implemented before other, and/or if you want another feature not yet planned.

    We are still open for any requests from your side.

    i-MSCP team

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of <strong>i-MSCP</strong>, that is the <u>third beta version</u>. This new version fixes several critical bugs and introduces SSL support for the following services:

    <ul class="bulletlist">
    <li>Control Panel</li>
    <li>Postfix, imap/pop</li>
    <li>Ftp (proftpd)</li>

    Furthermore, all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions from <a href=""><strong>Transifex</strong></a> that is our new translation platform since the <strong>iMSCP 1.0.0 beta1</strong>.

    To learn more about bugs and other issues fixed in this release, please consult the <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>CHANGELOG</strong></a>.

    We would like to remind you that this version should not be used in a production environment, and that any bugs found must be reported to our issue tracker. Also, you must note that the softwares installer introduced in earlier versions is still in experimental state. Use it at your risks.

    Feel free to test this version and get in touch with us about any improvement that you would like see integrated.

    You can download i-MSCP 1.0.1-3 Beta 3 at <a href="">…cp/files/i-MSCP%</a>

    <strong>i-MSCP Team</strong>