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    Thank you both for providing a solution.

    I have found an even easier way to work around this issue. (Certificate creation works, Renewal still using ACMEv01, not sure why!)

    The latest Let's Encrypt i-MSCP plugin is using certbot 0.26.1 which is already capable of using ACMEv2. But it is not used by default.

    You can change that by uncommenting line 796 in /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/LetsEncrypt/backend/ so it looks like this:

    1. '--server', '',

    Please keep in mind, that this files gets overwritten, when reinstalling or updating the Let's Encrypt Plugin.

    Since a few weeks, I get the following errors from the update-disk-quota Cronjob:

    1. /etc/cron.hourly/update-disk-quota:
    2. [[0;33mWARN[0m] (eval): Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /var/www/imscp/engine/quota/imscp-dsk-quota line 202.
    3. [[0;33mWARN[0m] (eval): Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /var/www/imscp/engine/quota/imscp-dsk-quota line 202.
    4. ...

    Here is the section of that script (It's the last line in the for loop that causes the warnings):

    1. for my $sqlDbName ( keys %{$customerDatabases} ) {
    2. next unless grep($_ eq $sqlDbName, @{$databases});
    3. my $sqlDbTables = $dbh->selectall_hashref(
    4. "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM " . $dbh->quote_identifier( $sqlDbName ), 1
    5. );
    6. next unless %{$sqlDbTables};
    7. $size += $_->{'Data_length'}+$_->{'Index_length'} for values %{$sqlDbTables};
    8. }

    I only found this thread: Disk quota every night i-MSCP - An error has been raised

    But that seems to be an other problem.

    Any idea?

    I would also be interested to know.

    Here is a mail I got from Let's Encrypt: