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    I want to use PHPmailer to send emails.

    My config is good, but i got error message. Probably i need to enable "allow_url_include". I using php7.1 with phpmailer on my I-MSCP server.

    Error code:

    Warning: file_get_contents(sample.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/virtual/ on line 401 Message could not be sent. Mailer Error: Message body empty

    This file is valid, but my site can't open it. Does any idea why blocking file_get_contents() ?

    It can't help me. On configure file everything is okey. Which log type will show the most useable information?

    Did you also set a DNS pointer (also called RDNS) that resolves your IP address to that specific name ?

    Yes, In the past i have installed imcp with that domain, and the mail is working fine. Now i reconfigure all things on IMSCP. now i have problem with roundcube login. On Webmail login i got this message:
    Invalid request! No data was saved.

    I can't login in my email account now. On mysql i don't see email user, but on adminpanel i see them.

    As long as you update the roundcube instance by yourself, you cannot ask us for any support. What you expect from our side exactly? We deliver roundcube as a package and we adjust i-MSCP core according the roundcube version that we deliver. If you update to a newest Roundcube version that hasn't been tested by us, you cannot complain if you get any error message.

    I also got these error code:
    Invalid request! No data was saved.

    Now i chech, when i add new email it doesn't added to mysql. I try reconfigure all, but it can't help me. Any idea?

    Hi everyone,

    I installed fresh new I-MSCP, but i typed it the hostname, and now i can't send email to google (or other trusted mail server). How can i solve that problem?

    My hostname on CLI:


    My FQDN on CLI:

    MX record is correct.

    From Roundcube:

    [email protected]