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    So now, you agree now that the custom DNS resource record feature has nothing to do with your request for enhancement ;) That's a good starting point. As I said in my previous answer, assumptions are just unhelpful ;)

    I agree :thumbsup:

    Speaking of this it also occurred to me that with this feature it would be possible to simplify the installation procedure because we could always have a remote DNS installation and switch to the local domains you need. What do you think about this?:angel:

    I've repeated already three times that the feature for custom DNS resource records has nothing to do with your problem. The button for the custom DNS record (reseller side) only enable or disable the custom DNS resource record feature for the client.

    Yes that is right, so when is enabled "Custom DNS records" customers can or not make modifications about zones.

    Sorry my explaination not very precise, the feature is to add a new button similar "Custom DNS records" for example "Resolve with local DNS" that switch from local or remote DNS the resolution of customer zones.

    And if I remove evolvia.websites lines in bind9 at file named.conf.local this domain come back to remote resolver:

    No problem. We are here to make more clean as possible:

    1. I have activated a new domain name on OVH mantainer
    2. Add the domain on i-MSCP panel where I have installed 1.5.3 with global resolve DNS locally
    3. On domain to the panel in this case I put "Yes" on "Custom DNS records"
    1. Come back to control panel and choose "No" on "Custom DNS records" at this moment I supposed that resolver search remotly but dig give to us same result

    So I think in this case is usefull to force remotly resolve.

    Tell me if I can make all more clean ;)

    Yes thanks:

    Little use case example:

    - Installation of i-mscp with DNS resolve locally.

    - I create a domain with local DNS entry for example domaindnslocal.tld and this is normal and use local DNS to resolve with bind9 template because in domain configuration we have "Custom DNS records" to yes

    - I create another domain for example domainnolocaldns.tld without "Custom DNS records" (to No) so in this case we need to skip local DNS resolution so in file /etc/bind/named.conf.local lines about domainnolocaldns.tld should be commented or removed.

    With this should be possible switch DNS resolver to remote and locally when required.

    I think this will be very usefull for all of us.

    Gj at all ;)

    When I try to reconfigure with /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -dc I have a composer.phar error.

    SO: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

    My panel version is 1.5.3.

    PHP Version: PHP (cli)

    Composer: version 1.7.2 2018-08-16 16:57:12

    Someone else have a similar problem about that file and have a possible solution?