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    Alright, thanks for it. I think I've got it. The logfile /var/log/apache2/sub.domain.tld/php_error.log is written, only if I give access-level '666' (public write rights). I just want to give 664 or just 644). But which user is trying to write in error case? I tried "www-data", but that didn't work? Is there another user to give access to that logfile?

    Hello everybody,

    i have the following issue: with standard configuration as well as with my own configuration error.log or self-configured php_error.log is always empty, even if i force some erros that should be logged.

    PHP runs as cgi program.

    My logfile (manually created) can be found in


    Php.inis are configured as follows:


    1. Log_errors = Onerror_log = /var/www/virtual/[myDomain.tld]/logs/[sub.MyDomain.tld]/php_error.log


    1. Log_errors = Onerror_log = "{HOME_DIR}/logs/php_error.log"


    1. Log_errors = On
    2. error_log = "{HOME_DIR}/logs/php_error.log"

    I don't know if i am completly wrong with my configuration, but that's what i've found in other threads here but nothing of these solutions actually worked.

    • Can anyone help, please? ?(