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    Hello Nuxwin,
    I upload new phpswitcher language file for zh_TW.
    Please update it.
    And my country is use Traditional Chinese not use Simplified Chinese.If phpswitcher have any add string.Please let me know.
    I can support to translate it.Thanks a lot.



      (2.24 kB, downloaded 3 times, last: )

    I try up upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 and disabled all plugin.
    It's update will stop follow point.


    [ERROR] iMSCP::Stepper::step: Could not restart the postfix service: An unexpected error occurred at /root/imscp-1.2.3/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 237.

    autoinstaller::Functions::install: An error occurred while performing installation steps

    I enter three times OK.
    It's will quit upgrade action.What's is this problem?

    I have installed some plugins.
    But I don't make sure could I delete all plugins?
    If I direct upgrade 1.2.3 without delete opendkim plugins.
    It' s will get error when I upgrade 1.2.3
    But if I delete all plugins.All plugins settings will reset it.
    How to upgrade 1.2.3 without delete plugins?
    Some plugins can't update new version even I stay 1.2.2.
    Like spamassassin new version.