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    Is it possible to have the panel certificate support multiple alt names?

    So far I did it manually and was able to create the certificate with all needed alt names, now I switched to the plugin, but the automated plugin seems to give me no such option? Is there a way I haven't seen yet?



    thanks for your answer.

    As said above, I use debian stretch (9), which is also the reason for using the current git-Version - there are some issues when installing imscp on debian 9 with the stable release, which are fixed in the current git version.

    I need to use debian 9 for some other reasons, but so far only imscp is installed on the server

    System is up-to-date

    The system has 4G RAM, 4G swap

    1. free -m
    2. total used free shared buff/cache available
    3. Mem: 3954 258 766 78 2930 3335
    4. Swap: 4095 0 4095

    thanks for your help

    best regards

    Edit: Just to be safe, I gave the system an additional 8G of swap, but that didn't change anything


    installation on debian stretch with IMSCP 1.4 git and Plugin Version 2.0.5 went fine, but the following Problem was shown when I tried to use it on the panel SSL certificate:

    There is no other imscp plugin installed


    I'm struggling to get notifications for the postmaster and / or the recipient to work, how would I go about this?