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    I would greatly appreciate if IMSCP would ask the user for a cert for use in the mail servers during setup/update. Reason for this: I do have a cert for my primary mail subdomain ( but not for the server FQDN (somelongnumber.somevserverprovider.foobar). For the admin interface I use the self signed cert IMCP auto generates. So currently after each update I have to edit my dovecot.conf and postfix/ and change ssl_cert/..l_key and smtp_tls_cert_file/.._key_file.

    Also I would like an option to require all client-side mail traffic to be TLS enabled (ssl=required in dovecot.conf, smtp_tls_auth_only=yes in postfix/
    The same for Proftpd (TLSRequired on) would be nice too :)

    Thank you & keep up the great work!

    is there a temporary fix or workaround for this? updated from 1.1 two weeks ago and I've got to reach my mailing list subscribers within this week without having to re-setup the lists..
    I have added the lines as sven suggested, but that did not help. list homepage is still dead and mails sent to the list adress are rejected.

    Did you guys find the time to make the plugin fit for 3.4.0 yet? Ubuntu 14.04 only comes with 3.4 so an update would be greatly appreciated!