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    I had some spare time to have a look on some parts of I-MSCP. I tried to update the Roundcube webmail, added PHP8.0 to I-MSCP and removed support for Debian Jessie:

    I could successfully install I-MSCP on Debian Buster with the latest maintenance branch on Github.

    I am not sure, if I chose the correct way, as I-MSCP is a really huge project with many sub repositories (and branches), it is hard to find the right starting point.

    Great - thank you! Do you have experience with the upgrade process as well?

    Sorry for my late reaction. It is always nice to read Nuxwins polite answers ;) I will change the addresses manually after creating an account. I completely understand that the system has to follow RFC regulations. I misinterpreted that part of it.

    Have a nice weekend everybody :)

    I don't agree with that. The domain owner usually doesn't know what for example abuse emails mean. In most of the cases the owner him- or herself doesn't have that tecnical knowledge but the reseller or servers administrator has. I think it would be good to make it settable.

    The created default e-mail addresses are forwarded to the customers e-mail. Is it possible to configure it the way that for example the abuse@ addres is forwarded to the resellers address or the administrators automatically while creating the customers account?

    So there is no time table for the Buster valid version to launch? I think nevertheless I will wait because I've activated Postscreen manually and PanelRedirect I did by manually adding an Apache ReverseProxy so at the moment it works fine for me. Thank you for your replies.

    Accidentally I've upgraded my server to Debina 10 Buster which isn't yet supported by i-mscp. I know, that was stupid but with the maintainance branch from github I got it running again (I had to install libdigest-md5-perl manually). Everything is up and fine again except the plugins. I would need Postscreen, Spamassassin and PanelRedirect. I got Postscreen running by changing some "WEB_MAIL_CLIENT_PACKAGES" manually, set the action in the DB to "toenable" an run the imscp-rqst-mngr. But then I can't access any of the i-mscp gui pages. Any idea what I could do (except punishing myself for being that careless)? Waiting for the official release of a Buster-supporting version?

    I have a question using php-fpm. I have problems with some wordpress installations sending spam, so I want to activate mail.log in php.ini. I removed the comment ; at the beginning of the line and configured mail.log in php.ini like that

    1. mail.log = /var/log/phpmail.log

    in all 3 php.ini files (/etc/php5/cgi cli fpm) and restarted php-fpm - no success. My phpmail.log keeps empty.

    How can I activate this logging?