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    I am trying to upgrade let's encrypt plugin to the latest version but as soon as I upload the file, i-MSCP redirects to a blank wsod page and stops. I can go back, but as soon as I try to upload the file again, I get to the wsod.

    I am using i-MSCP version 1.3.16 and currently have Let's encrypt plugin version 3.0.0.

    I have tried to disable the plugin and restarted both apache and nginx, but I wasn't able to install it.

    Anyone with a similar experience? Where should I look in the log files to verify and resolve this issue?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


    I am running a server with version 1.3.16 and I never upgraded since this version. Although I have snapshots of the server and both local and remote daily backups of the hosted websites, I was wondering if it would be considered safe to directly upgrade to the latest stable version (currently 1.5.1)?

    My server is on a Debian 8 distro.

    I also have installed the Let's encrypt plugin on this server and I already use it for the admin panel and the hosted websites.

    Can someone briefly provide some info on how to safely upgrade my server with the minimum service interruption?


    So basically the problem was that Apache2 was down and not running, even though nginx was serving the panel.

    The following resolved the problem but I will definitely have to keep an eye on the web server, in case it happens again.

    1. service apache2 start

    Thanks for the help Nuxwin and the excellent support.

    Keep up the good work.


    I am experiencing a problem with the latest version 3 of the Let's encrypt plugin.

    I paid the subscription, installed and activated the plugin but as soon as I try to activate it for the panel and services it gets stuck on status: "SSL certificate renewal in progress..." and "New SSL certificate issuance in progress...". Same is happening on clients end.

    I am running i-MSCP v. 1.3.16 on a debian 8 server.

    conf output:


    All server-side requirements are met.

    I tried to disable / delete / deactivate the plugin with no luck.

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Anyone experiencing the same issue?