PHP Web Developer

  • Hello there!

    Since i am using I-MSCP for about 2 years i want to help, where i can.

    Some information about me
    - Age: 19
    - Location: Germany
    - Work: Trainee in computer science specialist for system integration.

    Why do I want to join?
    I dont know how much work has to be done in the PHP (Web) Development. But i got help and this free, perfectly running Control Panel.
    So i want to "give something back".
    Also I want to get some experience in working with a team (with github or something else)

    My Skills?
    I am a pretty good PHP Developer. I am good at working object-oriented.
    Also i know more than the basics of C# (Not really nice to know for i-mscp :D)

    In a list with a rating from 1 to 10. 10 is the best, 1 some basics.

    • PHP (7-8)
    • HTML (10)
    • CSS (8)
    • Javascript (6)
    • jQuery (6)
    • Perl (1)
    • bash scripts (*.sh) (3)
    • Debian itself (6) [Started with Squeeze]

    Anything to show?
    At first you are able to see my work on my GitHub Profile (on the left).
    On the other hand i developed some Websites
    - (Also multilanguage but not translated.)

    If you need any more information about me, feel free to contact me or directly ask in the thread.

    PS: Until know i am better in using php, php-fpm and know much more than before a long time ;D (If you look my threads in this forums.)

  • I know what Less/SASS and SCSS is and how this works.
    I just have some knowledge in it how this works with the hierarchy. But no practical experience.

    I have good knowledge in OO (object orientated) PHP.
    But im still using classes and no class loader or namespaces. (Epicheck classes:

    The Zend Framework is something i wanted to learn about. I just knew it but never worked with it.

    Thank you for reporting the error.
    This error causes because im always logged in... He wanted to get settings of a non existing user.
    This project is just for me (no registered users. just something to show and for self use :D)

  • Sounds good. We just have a small rule: before someone can join our dev-team, we must see PR. If you want, we can tell you, when our current frontend needs small changes. The current version is more than shitty, but sometimes it also needs changes for 1.x.x branch. On 2.x.x it'll be completely rewritten, then we'll also use the mentioned modern techniques.

  • Nice to hear that, i already did some similar work (updating to new techniques) especially when i learned OOP.

    Thank you for your interest. If you have some things to do, i'll be available.
    PM or email (i'll give it private to you if you want)