pptpd vanish into thin air

  • hi
    here is a crazy question
    can pptpd and imscp work together ?

    i have installed, configured pptpd and added 1732 and gre to iptables
    i start the pptpd daemon but get no connection from windows or linux machines
    when i look in htop there is no pptpd process running

    i did this instruction below
    serv@bbl:~$ /etc/init.d/pptpd restart
    Restarting PPTP:
    Stopping PPTP: pptpd.
    Starting PPTP Daemon: pptpd.
    serv@bbl:~$ killall pptp
    pptp: no process found

    althoughthe pptpd is started when i kill the pptp it says no process found lol
    i get no errors when i try ti start, stop or restart pptpd.
    it seems like like it vanishes into thin air after starting


  • I'd check what happens if you start pptpd manually. Perhaps some configuration file is wrong/has a typo. Please look into the init script and find the command to call the pptpd and then do it at a console. Probably you have to remove some deamon mode. Try something like pptpd --help to see the commands.

    But then some big warning: PPTP is an old insecure protocol. If you want to VPN to your server try L2TP/IPsec which is hard to configure but Windows native client. I highly can recommend OpenVPN as well, which also has a good Windows client available. There are many tutorials available around the internet on how to setup a simple OpenVPN server.