Linux Malware Detect

  • Hy,

    does anybody knows the Linux Malware Detect ?
    Found the project because some customer sites were infected with malware.
    Had no time to test this nice software. Maybe somebody has some experience with it...


    Could be a nice service for the customers to get info if someone uploaded malware files to the customer site.

    Greez BeNe

  • very nice, but the monitor Option use most ressources and slowdown the server, but the scan option is usefull.

    i have install this with a cron job every day for test in 3 servers.

    Debian 6 with proxmox 2 - OpenVZ - KVM
    I-mscp migrate from ispcp 1.0.7
    dovecot + zarafa + z-push + maia mail guard + apacheITK