Install AfterLogic Webmail Lite

  • 1.Uploading the application:
    cd /var/www/imscp/gui/public/tools/

    //Delete or backup old webmail
    mv webmail webmail_old

    //Download AfterLogic: and upload your web server

    tar xvfz
    chown vu2000:www-data webmail -R

    2.Running web-based installation wizard:
    Open http://admin.your_server_name/tools/webmail/install/ page in your browser and follow the instructions

    After completing the instructions of the installer, you'll be redirected into AdminPanel:

    Don't forget to delete install directory from the WebMail Lite PHP folder.


    It's work..

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  • Nice, thank you balazsz, I didn't know about their webmail, it's a nice interface.

    and for the lazy folks for this step... //Download AfterLogic:, and upload your web server


    Also, if one would for some reason like to hide the webmail lite footer at the bottom of the login/logout page, they would just need to edit the /webmail/index.php page at the very bottom, starting with this line, change it to look like this:

    1. <!-- <div class="wm_copyright" id="copyright"> -->
    2. <?php /* @require('inc.footer.php'); */ ?>
    3. <!-- </div> -->

    You could of course just delete the lines as well.
    The reason I went with this, is because roundcube doesn't like to be loaded in an iframe by default, and rather than spend time allowing it (roundcube is not so great anyways, this is by far a better client)... I just went with this.

    However, on logout, it refreshes to index.php, which gets out of the iframe.

    To change it so that when someone clicks logout, it redirects to the page of your choosing, simply modify /webmail/index.php and after line 115 (where it says CSession::ClearAll(); ) but before the next line's closing bracket }, add:

    header( 'Location:' ) ;

    it can also be a relative path, but be aware it is going from the /webmail directory.

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