Command line tools for i-mscp

  • Improved the code overall and fixes to work with current version rc1.3

  • So many changes in rc1.3 to make your CLI tools workable with it ?


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  • Nuxwin the issue I had was with the removal of register_globals variable because the script still was trying to use it, but overall the code had been stoped for some months and needed a cleanup.
    At the current point the code still needs more testing but the funcions in work and can be already used.

  • Thx for providing this cmd tool!

    I have running on my servers, are cmd tool running on both versions ( and 1.1.0-rc1.4)?

  • This is awesome :)

    Is it compatible with stable release? It would be very very useful if this functionality came with i-mscp.

    There is another use for this which excites me. I've been waiting for an import/export script, which could be used for periodic transfers to redundant server(s).

    Now someone could write something to do the following and share with the community:
    1. get domain information from the primary server
    2. use your tool to remove the domain(s) from the redundant servers (clean up)
    3. recreate the account on the redundant server (with any new DBs etc)
    4. scp the backups (I use amazon s3 for cron backups, so add that option)
    5. trigger a restore

    I may have time to do this soon, I'll let you know if I do, hopefully others will be interested in this.

  • That would be awesome!
    But this script needs to backup/restore the mails too.

  • That would be awesome!
    But this script needs to backup/restore the mails too.

    For the mails you have two options:

    • imapsync (when the servers are on on both sides)
    • rsync the maildir files (can be done without issues)

  • Mostly, but it seems there're some issues with crypt_user_pass_with_salt function.
    I will try to fix them ASAP.
    By the way, if you'd like to modify the code, I'll be glad to accept useful changes :)

  • Ok, I just updated the script to improve a couple of issues, I've been testing with 1.1.0rc4 and everthing seems to be working nicely

  • I'm hoping to get time to look at this at the end of this month but my ideas have developed a little.

    I'm going to look at the plugin system and see what could be built there. I've seen a few different requests around backups which could be covered. I suppose potentially we could have an interface with which to:

    add offsite backup locations with varying frequencies
    add mirror servers (sync)
    browse a locations selection of backups to retrieve and restore
    purging based on number of days

    If you have a different backup task, or need to automate account setup from a CMS cart's successful purchase, deploy a more complicated software package which uses subdomains. If the command line tools are there people can make all kinds of scripts without having to reinvent the wheel, so I hope the tools you're developing (not my more specific ideas) get included out of the box soon.